Our Spark?

Trends Adfilm Makers began in 1997, when the light bulb went on inside the creative mind of V.K Prakash. Trends wanted to become the hub of advertising and feature films. Trends is a production house based out of India that is responsible for creating content for television, digital platforms and films. Gifted, Passionate, Innovative, Bold, Dynamic and Stylish we at Trends work closely with award winning agencies, clientele and we have worked on every major category. You name it, we have done it! From Fashion to Tech or Auto to Food anything that sparks our plug.

About UsTrends Adfilm

For over two decades Trends has hand-crafted some of India’s most trailblazing and unforgettable advertisements that will forever remain timeless in the world of advertising.

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At Trends we work with the finest and we liaison with a magnificent inventory of photographers who are pioneers in their respective fields.

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Print Ads

In the volatile world of Advertising where today’s obsession is tomorrow’s ancient history, Trends continues to create a distinctive name for itself.

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Feature Films

Trends has successfully produced over 4 features which went on to win many National, State and International Awards.

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Line Production

Trends can find you the wackiest, most surreal locations all over the world and we are masters at handling productions of all sorts and sizes

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Camera Rentals

Need a high end camera for your shoot? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Presenting the state of the art camera Arri Alexa LF!

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